Beatbox Tutorial – How to Make Progress in Your Beatboxing

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Beatbox is an art of vocal percussion, that involves making special sounds of drum beats, rhythm, and even musical instruments just from one’s mouth,lips, tongue and voice. In the first years of the 21th century, beatbox came back to the public awareness and made its comeback – especially trough TV shows & commercials – for example talent TV Shows like American Idol.

Today, there are uprising beatbox stars all around the globe, like Eklips – from France, Razhel – from USA, Isato from Israel and many more. The first thing that you can do for the purpose of learning beatbox is to find a good beatbox tutorials that will help you improve, be creative and unique with you own style.

It’s Important to develop your own sounds and think about different way to combine sounds together – that’s one of the ways for becoming the best beatboxer. it’s important to record yourself beatboxing or perform to others and ask for building opinion.

Another way is to learn beatbox techniques is from other beatboxers, master them and then combine them to your own style or find a good beatbox tutorial that will help fill out some missing spots.

Beatbox Tutorial – The 1st step for doing the best beatbox – practicing

You need to start practicing – I recommend practicing as much as you can, get a metronome to be on the beat, practice different kinds of rhythms. if you stay congruent and consistent, you will see results in your beatboxing in a few weeks.

Beatbox Tutorial – The 2nd step – Networking

Team up with musician – for example guitarists, pianists or any other instrument, start by beatboxing what you have learned before, and combine melody and beat together. slowly you will actually be making music of your own.

Beatbox Tutorial – The 3rd step – Singing

find a singer or a rapper that you can practice beatboxing and singing at the same time, that will give a window of opportunity for performances.

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