Does Your Facebook Fanpage Suck? Use These Tips to Make It Hot!

Facebook is the largest social network for every age group. Capitalize on the Facebook phenomenon by having attractive Facebook fan pages that produce your company fans, prospects and sales!

First things first, spend plenty of time setting up your Facebook foundation correctly. It is important to have a personal profile and Facebook pages set up for your business. These tips focus on your Facebook pages and ways to make them the most effective.

Use a branded wall image, use the image real estate wisely.

Take some time to look at very successful pages and see how they use the graphic. You should also add a short tag line and website URL. These items will be part of your brand, what people recognize your business and fan page as. Your Fans will see this image on every page! The image should tell the story showing your branded image, a website URL and a tag line that describes what people should expect by liking your fan page. Your fan page image can also direct people to “like” your page.

Make this tab the default landing page. Again telling who you are and what you offer, this page can be preceded by a reveal tab which encourages all visitors to like your page. This type of reveal tab greatly increases the amount of people who visit and like your page. Use an attractive offer here to encourage people to “Like” your page and increase your fan base. On this welcome tab you can also add an email auto responder form. Again you must offer something of great value, a report, a free E book, something that is exclusive and of great value to the niche and group that will be liking your page. Include an enticing offer that will allow them to give their email and name. Build your email list right from Facebook! Give the opportunity for new fans to receive pertinent valuable information on this tab and build your list. Quickly grow a fan base of quality leads by offering them value and important information.

Custom Tabs have a separate URL that you can drive traffic to. A product information tab, a purchase now tab with Facebook specials. Post status updates on your fan page that drive traffic to these tabs! The amount of custom tabs you want to use is up to you. You can have a information tab, videos on another tab. This allows you to have a website that produces inside Facebook, with a huge advantage, a web site where you can produce the most important step.. engagement.

Create massive engagement

You are one click away from losing a fan, you must provide great relevant content. Ask questions, get your fans talking. Facebook moves very fast, so anticipate the answers and ask questions that allow a short brief answer that can be entertaining!

Some no fail engagement questions..

“Whats the last book you read,?” Get feed back, “I am working on X What do you think about it?” “Whats your best tip for___?”

Allow your fans to post their face book pages and promote themselves.

Always watch and engage the people who leave comments or like your page, this is critical. Remember Facebook moves very quickly, so the sooner you can answer a comment or question the better. If you wait a few days, your Fan will have forgotten all about you.

Move these fans into super fans by value, content and superior customer service.

Identify why they should like your page, do you want them to opt in, purchase or comment? What feelings, actions or emotions do you want your fans to have? Cultivate this carefully! Give your post some gusto.. entertain your fan base, use pictures, great content and videos. Your goal should be to educate, empower and give them an action item that they can use.

How to turn Facebook likes into super fans that will bring your business to the next level.

Fans that purchase your product or use your services are the reason you are doing this whole deal, if they do not purchase this time is spent in vain. Use social media to turn marketing into direct response marketing.

Drive traffic to Facebook page, when a person lands on your welcome tab they become a fan, allow them to opt in by offering a gift a valuable gift.

Solidify the relationship with an auto responder. Create ongoing engagement, use pictures or videos, inspiring quotes, funny posts. You can then promote the next best thing, the deal on your website. A deal, a bargain or a special..

Brand your self, get the likes, get the leads and get the customers.

Remember the old adage that people will do business with people they know, like and trust!

Facebook pages allow you to build this relationship and your brand awareness where people will want to do business with you!

What you need is raving super fans that drive your business and Facebook pages. There are people who like your page and super fans that are wild about your product or service. A super fan is one that has purchased your product or service, had a great customer experience and referred others. Great content, videos, pictures, and information. Free valuable content produces fans that trust you. Great customer service produces raving fan customers.

Important Points for Facebook page success.

Ensure your page is set up correctly. Does it flow and look professional? Does your page have good content? Do all the links work? Double, even triple check grammar and spelling, this will be your first impression with new prospects, leads and customers.

Invite your friends to like and critique your page.

Post on your page regularly. At least once a week but decide to regularly post and use Facebook insights to show you when is the best times to post. Map out your posts and the topics.

Engage your fans by interesting posts.


Set up your vanity URL or page name. Once you have 25 likes go to http://facebook.com/username and choose your facebook.com group page carefully. It cannot be changed. You can log in as your page, and post to people statuses. Post to others pages etc. This is powerful. You can post to competitor pages, prospects pages.. etc The fans of that page will see this and some will follow and like your page. Be careful with this one!

Create a deal!

Use your Facebook options to create a deal and get new customers. Give a gift for their time, gift certificate. Offer a rebate people love rebates. Make your ads engagement ads..

Something that will make people feel good and want to like your ad! Target your ads, pick the specific people that will view your ads. More on ads and some great methods in the next post.

Source by Ken Kinstle

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