Facebook Advertising For Beginners – How to Make Money With No Experience

You may or may not have any experience with Facebook advertising. Don’t worry because Facebook advertising for beginners is the main focus of this article.

Facebook ads are the ones that sit in the right upper corner of your pages and walls and if you haven’t noticed, they are usually pretty targeted to your likes and interests. This is no accident.

Facebook has managed over the years to almost perfect the art of gathering people’s demographic details, from age and gender to likes and dislikes.

The bright people at Facebook have developed technology that is quite similar to Google AdWords and allows you to place ads that will pop up in front of people that are predisposed to be interested in what the ads are all about.

One of the reasons that Facebook advertising for beginners is so simple is that this technology makes it easy for newbie marketers to put their ads in front of a laser targeted audience. The other advantage for people who are new to Internet marketing is the cost. Compared to Google AdWords, Facebook ads are cheap.

This might not last, so you should get in while it’s still affordable.

People are still “Googling” when they search before they go on Facebook looking for things to buy. This is true. What’s also true is that the average active Facebook user spends something like 50 minutes A DAY logged into Facebook. This compares to only seconds on a Google site or other web page. Do the math.

If you can target your audience, spend less money per ad and engage an audience that looks at your ad off and on for close to an hour a day, you might want to figure out how to master that strategy, right? Google ads might get you a heck of a lot more clicks per ad, but the profitability of Facebook Ads versus Google Ads is potentially huge.

So, part of Facebook advertising for beginners has to do with the fundamentals of setting up ads and learning the specifics of running a campaign. The other half of the equation is testing and analyzing the results.

Compare your costs, profits and the efficiency of a few different versions of the same campaign and the conclusions you can draw are pretty straightforward.

If your profits exceed your advertising costs, then you have a winner. Then it’s just a question of acceptable profit versus time and energy spent. If Facebook advertising is producing better results than some of your other online investments of time and energy, the decision makes itself.

If you are thinking about the possibilities of Facebook advertising for beginners, I would suggest that you look into it and see for yourself. Invest some time, a little bit of money and test a couple of campaigns before you decide.

The last time I looked, Facebook had over 500 MILLION members and over 54% of them are active.

Source by Mark Aylward

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