How To Reinvent Web Design Rules

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Those who work in web design have been following the same rules for years – they often follow a set formula when it comes to putting together a website because this is how their audiences, and therefore their clients, expect the site to appear. You shouldn’t try to break these design rules, as this won’t always work in your favour, but there’s nothing wrong with trying to reinvent them a little.

  • Logos are put in upper left-hand corners with a home link

Whilst this design rule gives visitors an easy way to ‘reset’ the website if they become hopelessly lost, it is a little overdone. A rich navigation bar could work just as well.

  • Templates are designed before the content written

Whilst the aesthetics of a web design generally form a visitor’s first impression of a website, the content can also be used to do this. You can use typography and colour to really tie the two together.

  • Article titles, images and ‘read more’ lines are clickable

Visitors generally need an obvious cue to understand that they can click for more information. You could try, however, making the whole teaser clickable or putting the clickable section beneath.

What other web design rules do you follow in your day-to-day work that you could probably reinvent for some stunning results? It is important to keep in mind that reinventing rules is all about trial and error – whilst a navigation bar could work perfectly for one client, it doesn’t mean that the traditional linked logo won’t work for others.

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