How You Can Make Money From YouTube

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Making money from YouTube is one of the most overlooked ways to make money online and a great way to boost a website or gain revenue. Making YouTube videos is easy and anyone can make them and upload them easily. If you create a channel you can then stick to a theme or a topic and get people to subscribe meaning that every time you upload a new video you will have a built in audience who are guaranteed to view your videos (you can also have more than one channel if you wish). At the same time you can target specific things that people are searching for but that doesn’t already feature heavily and this way you can again ensure your video is seen by lots of people (and it’s easier to rank highly in YouTube than it is in Google).

Once you’ve chosen your topic and started making videos you can then get Google ads on them which will pay out every time they are clicked. To achieve this you need to either apply by visiting the partners page, or continue to put out good quality and highly viewed videos until YouTube offers you to join their partnership scheme.

There are many other ways you can use YouTube to make a profit too.. For instance you can use your videos to link back to your website which will help it to rank more highly in Google and which will gain it publicity. Alternatively you can link to a landing page and sell an affiliate product. Remember that adding quality videos to your site is also a great way to enrich the experience for your viewers.

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