Museum Tours in Solo to Remember Various Historical Relics

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If you want to visit a tourist destination that smells of history, then the city of Solo should not be missed. This is none other than because the city of Solo itself keeps a lot of historical relics in its museum. The following are various kinds of museum tours in Solo that you must visit.

Here Are Various Museum Tours In Solo That Are Interesting To Visit With Family

Basically there are lots of interesting museums for you to visit with your family while in the city of Solo, here are some of them:

Tumuran Private Museum: Museum Tour in Solo Consisting of Various Collections

Some of the painting collections owned by this museum include works by masters from Affandi, Wedhar Riyadi, and even Antonio Blanco. Actually, the Tumuran Private Museum used to belong to PT Sritex or Sri Rejeki Isman and could only be seen privately. But after that it was officially opened to the public since 2013.

Samanhoedi Museum: Important Figure Founder of the Islamic Trade Sarekat

You need to know that Samanhudi himself is one of the important figures known as the founder of the Sarekat Dagang Islam. Later in this museum you will see his daily life in making batik using a canting.

RRI Museum: Museum Tour in Solo Showing Various Radio and TV Collections

In this museum, you will see various collections of radio and television since the colonial era. Interestingly, you will also see a statue of Mangkunegara VII who was a pioneer of national radio at that time.

Rafya Pustaka Museum: The oldest in Indonesia

Basically, this last museum is the oldest of all. This is none other than because this museum has existed since the reign of Pakubuwono IX to X. So you can see relics from the Hindu-Buddhist kingdom that once ruled the archipelago at that time.

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