Online Video Optimization – Video Meta Tags, What Are They, How Do You Use Them?

Online Video optimization can generate tons of traffic to your website if you learn to use it correctly. Meta data for videos is similar to standard SEO meta tags you would use when you create a web page such as “title”, “description”, “keywords” and “text”. The only difference is the tag also includes the word video: for example your title tag would look like “video: title”, or your description meta tag would look like “video: description” In my example I am using quotes to enclose the tags but you actual tags would be enclosed in less than or greater then symbols. Today in my article I would like to explain why these meta data tags are so important to your video optimization process.

Since close to 54% or more of online video traffic comes from YouTube we will discuss the three primary meta tags that you are required to enter when you submit a video to YouTube. The most important video meta tag that you need to optimize is the “video: title” tag. YouTube uses your title tag as the head line for your video article. How many times have you scanned headlines in a newspaper looking for something meaningful to read? Well people who cruise around YouTube use video headlines the same way. Its very important that what keywords you use to construct your “video: title” tag are actually included in your video stream. Your very first words listed in your title should reflect the main idea of your article. And in the remainder of the title you should have at least one other supporting key word phrase. These keywords and phrases should also be included in your description meta tag data. The maximum number of characters that are shown for your head line which comes from your video title tag is 120, so don’t get wordy because it wont show when your headline is listed after a search.

The second most important part of your video meta data is your video description meta tag. The maximum number of characters that you can use at you tube is 2,048. or approximately 300 words. But the number of characters which is very important is only 120.

The third and last YouTube tag is just called the video tag. Don’t get this meta tag confused with the “keyword” meta tag they are different. The keyword tag is for keywords and short keyword phrases, but the video tag is just for single words and not phrases.

Well that concludes my article about video optimization meta tag. We wish you the best of luck with your online video marketing efforts! Have a good day and good luck.

Source by Mark Fleagle

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