Video Streaming – Increase Traffic To Your Website With The Help Of Google And YouTube

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Did you know that video marketing has been being used for the last several years as a highly effective method for increasing targeted traffic to your website? Perhaps you did know. But did you now know that it is even more powerful than ever?


Because Now Google owns YouTube. In case you weren’t paying attention to all the money being spent by Google to purchase YouTube, or all the press that it stirred up, the mega search engine giant now is the proud owner of YouTube.

Why does this mean increased traffic to your website?

Everyone knows Google is the biggest search engine on the planet. The most widely search site in the Internet. But now that are both the number 1 search engine AND the number two search engine. YouTube has grown in its popularity so fast that is has surpassed other search engines in the rankings of busiest websites.

YouTube is not just a search engine.

One of the reasons YouTube was so great for traffic generation in the first place was because it is not just a search engine, but a search-able video repository. This means that YouTube allowed users to search for and watch videos directly on their system. This allowed YouTube to be able to control the content better, make sure it was more user-friendly and readily accessible even should the original poster drop from the internet, avoiding lost pages.

Now Google and YouTube are working together.

Since Google now owns YouTube, the masterful search functions associated with Google are now part of the YouTube experience. They were able to incorporate the functionality, speed, and data mining capacity of Google into the massive video source repository of YouTube. The amount of data they will have to work with is enormous and continues to grow. When it comes to mining data for search terms Google is the best.

Now when you are searching one site, you are really searching both. Google has made it possible for the end-user experience to be more accurate. The result is that end-users are even more likely to be on one or both of those sites then ever before. And the end-user experience is what Google is all about.

This makes it much easier for video authors to get increased traffic to their websites. By making sure that they implement proper keywords and video titles when uploading to YouTube, authors will be able to see their videos ranking faster in search results, getting indexed faster, and getting in front of users faster, all of which means increased traffic to your website.

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